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1 Inexpensive translation of texts in Nanjing
Inexpensive translation of texts in Nanjing
P   1 year ago   Translators   Nanjing
Interpreter services in Nanjing, China. Inexpensive translation of texts. Translation languages: Russian, English, Chinese. I work with different topics and types of translations: oral and written tr...

1.90 ¥ per word
24 ¥ per page

1 Translation of correspondence in Luoyang
Translation of correspondence in Luoyang
P   1 year ago   Translators   Luoyang
Certified translator and interpreter in Liuyang, China. I also attend nearby cities to provide my services. Translation of correspondence. I have many years of experience in translating texts from Ch...

4.20 ¥ per word
29 ¥ per page

1 Looking for high quality translation in Lijang?
Looking for high quality translation in Lijang?
P   1 year ago   Translators   Lijiang
Interpreter for negotiations and conferences in Lijang, China. I can provide the services remote or travel to any location. Do you need high quality translation? Translation languages: Russian, Englis...

1.50 ¥ per word
24 ¥ per page

1 Translator and copywriter in Xi'an
Translator and copywriter in Xi'an
P   1 year ago   Translators   Xi’an
An experienced translator and interpreter in Xi'an, China. Departure to neighboring cities or remote translation is possible. Translator and copywriter. Translation languages: Chinese, English, Russi...

2 ¥ per word
24 ¥ per page

1 Need interpretation or translation in Shantou?
Need interpretation or translation in Shantou?
P   1 year ago   Translators   Shantou
Interpreter services in Shantou, China. Do you need interpretation or translation? I have been living and studying in Guangzhou for the fourth year. I have a fairly high level of spoken and written C...

1 ¥ per word
25 ¥ per page


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Other translation types - China

Other translation types - China

Although some sort of translations are used rarely compared to other translations types, we still list them here. because there's a requirement.

A commercial or business translation is specialized in rendering business reports, tender documents, company accounts, and correspondence.

Administrative translation usually refers to translating administrative texts utilized in different companies, businesses, and organizations. This translation type sometimes coincides with commercial translation within the sense that a lot of people consider administrative translation as commercial. Although not all commercial translation is administrative.

Automated or machine translation (MT) tools can already provide an excellent and powerful advantage when it involves both managing and translating content. to raised understand just how powerful automated translation software is. MT enables users to automate the tasks surrounding content management and therefore the process so that linguists and translators are liberal to specialize in translation, and content always finishes up where it must be without repeating an equivalent task.

Audiovisual translation (AVT) may be a translation of the verbal components contained in audiovisual works and products to a different language. These are often films, TV programs, theater plays, musicals, opera, websites, video games. because the word suggests, audiovisuals are made to be both heard (audio ) and seen (visual ) simultaneously but they're primarily meant to be seen. We talk about “watching” a movie, a show, or maybe an opera; we “see” programs that are “shown” on television. However, while the verbal and visual codes in audiovisuals are linked to such an extent that the words naturally tend to rely heavily on the visuals, the interpretation of those products operates on a verbal level alone.

IT translation is the translation of IT-related materials. Information technologies have nowadays become an integral part of almost every sphere of human life and each sort of modern equipment, with rare exceptions, are either devices equipped with embedded computers or options of mixing the system with computer control. As a rule, such documentation usually contains specific terminology which is known only by IT-professionals and is extremely challenging for technical translators. For this reason, IT-translation has become a separate branch of written translation. the utilization of highly specialized terminology and stylistic devices establishes an in-depth relation between IT-translation and technical translation; however, these two sorts of translation have several differences.

Political translation. Among the foremost powerful tools for control within the world of politics is language. Without the utilization of language, neither political power, influence, nor authority can exist. Our expert translators understand the dire need of translating political terms to exert control within the global world, which is why they deliver expert translation services, backed by our streamlined translation process to translate the political content in multiple languages, at affordable rates, and fast turnarounds to equip you with the language wont to play a key role in political negotiations with other groups and parties. Political translations may include a translation of diplomatic correspondences, position papers, TV scripts, speeches, campaigns, newsletters, fundraising materials.

Religious translation. Translation of spiritual texts has been a key element in disseminating the divine message throughout history. it had been employed also for teaching converts the fundamentals of faith and for mirroring the sweetness of religion and morality around the globe. As a strong instrument for missionary purposes, it should be as accurate and precise as possible and must be in unison with sound belief. to try to do this, translators must understand the first source text and transfer it faithfully, accurately, and integrally into the receptor language, without adding or omitting one a part of the first content. the topic matter of spiritual texts implies the existence of an unseen that's not fictive but has its external realities and truths.